Melle Nieling

Born in the early nineties, Melle Nieling grew up just as the first online video games emerged. Multiplayer online games introduced him to virtual and social environments, where you could be anyone you wanted to be. "Your online avatar could be thirty, while you were twelve," he says, "and you quickly learn the same is true for the real world."

Starting out as a painter, he took the identity and position of his paintings, and used them as a tool for reflection. "When you take a few steps back from your painting, you suddenly notice the wall. Once you see the wall and then your hands, you get confused," Melle Nieling says. The confusion regarding his role in the environment of his work pushed him to investigate his own position as an artist.

Excerpt from a small article I was interviewed for. It was a really brief interview, and I feel quite misinterpreted. I was never really a painter.