Poster for the Venice Biennale (2019) by Melle Nieling
"here we see the jewels being sold", poster for my video 'Venice Biennale' that I made in 2019
Picture of 21st Century Tea-Room by Melle Nieling
Picture of an installation that I did for the Twente Biƫnnale in 2015, titled '21st Century Tea-Room'. I had built a dark outdated office in a shipping container. At the end of the space was a computer that I played solitaire on
Picture of Set Fire by Melle Nieling
Outfit I wore for the video 'Set Fire' (2016 or 2017) that I made out of dissatisfaction with the academy.
Still from a performance by Melle Nieling
Still from a recording of a performance I did with Pjotr in 2017.
Inside of the Proverbs 2:13 installation by Melle Nieling
Shot of the inside of the 'Proverbs 2:13' (2017) installation I made for my graduation.
Still from a video shot inside the Proverbs 2:13 installation by Melle Nieling
Still from a video I shot inside the 'Proverbs 2:13' installation starring Levon.
Detail of MoMA at the Bank Presents by Melle Nieling
Detail of my solo show 'MoMA at the Bank Presents' (2018) at Villa de Bank.